Tibetan Diamond Body Qi Gong

The Jīn Gāng Liàn Gōng 金剛練功, is difficult to translate but is perhaps best expressed as the “Vajra internal work” or "Diamond Body Qi Gong". They are series of foundational exercises I inherited from the late Chan Tai-San (陳泰山).

Jīn Gāng 金剛 can literally mean diamond, but in this context clearly refers to “Vajra” which can mean diamond or thunderbolt in Buddhist traditions. Vajra symbolizes, like a diamond, a pure and indestructible force (wisdom) and true Buddha-like nature. Like a diamond, it can be used to drill, though all kinds of ignorance. In Chinese martial arts, the Vajra concept became considered not only a potential spiritual state, but also a potential physical state of purity and indestructible nature.

In Tibetan Buddhism, the diamond represents an evolution and purification of your entire being, not just your body. Stress? Stress takes away your focus. At work we under achieve due to stress. At home, we don't really enjoy our time with our family due to stress. And face it, stress doesn't 'just ruin our lives, stress kills.

In theory, a student should train in the Jīn Gāng Liàn Gōng 金剛練功 prior to any other training to prepare their body. In realty, this is not practical, especially as there are many complex exercises. It should be introduced slowly.

Originally, they were to prepare the body for martial training and combat, but they obviously also simultaneously improve the overall health. They should still be trained with martial intent but could easily be taught separately to those not at all interested in martial arts training.

This course is currently offered “as is”. Much of the content here is “archival”, filmed during actual classes.

With Chan Tai San's passing in 2004, his disciple David Ross became the world's foremost expert on the Tibetan Diamond Body Qi Gong. He has used it not only to train world champion fighters, but to help everyday people be healthier, more productive and happier.

The complete method involves (1) the standing series, (2) the seated series including guided meditation and finally (3) a lying series (prone) similar to the “corpse” in Yoga. This course has about two-thirds (2/3) of the standing series.

I. Standing series

1. Ancient Tree Ten Thousand Branches

2. Wheeling body

3. Palms Through the Sky

4. Support the Sky

5. Arhat Worships Buddha

6. Arhat Strikes the Ground

7. Wei To Offers the Pestle

8. Tyrant lifts the Incense Pot

9. Open Window to Look at Moon

10. Collapsing Bridge

11. Four images five elements
- Chyuhn Ging (穿勁)
- Paau Ging (抛勁)
- Triangle (三角)
- Reverse Triangle (返三角)

12. Hungry Eagle Seeks Prey

13. Goose Flaps wings

14. Arhat Looks at the Sky

15. Bend Forward to View the Sea

16. Seven Stars

Your Instructor

David Ross
David Ross

Author, educator, combat sports coach and martial arts master; David A Ross has helped the public better understand real martial arts An adopted disciple of the late master Chan Tai-San, one of China’s national treasures, David has over three decades teaching and coaching experience, both champion fighters and regular people who just want to achieve their goals.

Course Curriculum

  Diamond Body Qi Gong First Standing Series
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