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In 1971, the late Master Jeng Hsing-Ping established the Chinese Swai Jiao Association to promote the art, tradition, and cultural legacy of Shuai Jiao. Today, the association continues to promote Shuai Jiao and now offers new opportunities for those who wish to learn the authentic methods as passed down directly from the late Grandmaster Chang Dongsheng.

These new membership opportunities give the general population access to material that previously was strictly guarded and not taught to outsiders. It allows the association to build and strengthen our international community, supports our continuing efforts to create instructional material, and supports the instructors and institutions promoting Shuai Jiao.

Joining will give you IMMEDATE access to the association's beginner level (初級) curriculum for white belt, yellow belt and green belt.

The following are introductory rates, subject to change without notice.

Individual Memberships $39/year
Benefits of membership includes
- Certificate of membership
- One free week of training at a certified institution
- Discounts on all online instructional materials
- Discounts on all training equipment, including uniforms
- Discounts on seminars and competitions
- Access to an international member only forum

Instructor / School Memberships $199/year
Benefits of Instructor / School membership includes
- Certificate recognizing instructor or school as part of association
- Your school listed on our international web site
- Bulk discounts on all training equipment, including uniforms
- Exclusive access to online curriculum development and support
- Exclusive access to online instructor level instruction
- Exclusive business consulting to help your school succeed!
- Revenue sharing opportunities

Charter Memberships $299/year
Run a school that strictly adheres to the association’s central curriculum and have unique opportunities and positioning in the market. All benefits of an Instructor / School Membership PLUS
- Secret online training modules to refine your skills and teaching
- Highlighted position for your school on the international web site
- Direct access to members of the executive board
- Exclusive rights to your region
- Exclusive rights to sponsor seminars
- Charter Member ONLY seminars

Do not hesitate to contact us with any question. You can email us directly at [email protected]

Your Instructor

Shifu James Chin
Shifu James Chin

Shifu James Chin, Jett-Man has been a Martial Artist for more than forty-five (45) years. Shifu Chin is privileged to be the 2nd Chinese Swai Jiao (Shuai Jiao) Kung Fu Instructor personally trained and certified by Grandmaster Jeng, Hsing-ping. In 1971, GM Jeng introduced traditional Chinese Swai Jiao to the general public and he gave the official CSJA flag and sign in 1986 & 1991 to Shifu Chin. In 2009, GM Jeng presented his personal SJ jacket to Shifu James Chin, Jett-Man “to carry on the teachings of traditional Bao Ding style Chinese Swai Jiao Kung Fu” as the lineage holder for the Chinese Swai Jiao Association (CSJA).

Course Curriculum

  Belt cracking
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Bǎ 把 jacket gripping
Available in days
days after you enroll

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the course?
These are annual memberships. After 12 months you will need to renew to maintain access to the material on this platform.
Which membership should I purchase?
Everyone qualifies for an individual membership. Included with it are instructional videos and useful study guides. The other memberships are for professional instructors and schools.

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